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Light weight carbon fender

May 1st, 2003To the top
Light weight carbon fenderCarbon (mono) fender

  • 20 inch / 451 ETRTO: 79 grammes (narrow version,37 mm)
  • 20 inch / 406 ETRTO: 97 grammes (wide version, 50 mm)
  • 26 inch / 559 ETRTO: 98 grammes (narrow version, 37 mm)
  • 26 inch / 559 ETRTO: 130 grammes (wide version, 50 mm)
  • 28 inch / 622 ETRTO: 98 grammes (narrow version, 37 mm)
  • Weight is based on the half circle of a rear fender, so front fender is even lighter.
  • Weight of stainless steel mounting set not included.
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Light weight carbon fender: € 57.02
(EU citizens: € 69.00, incl. 21% VAT) [in shoppingcart]

Stainless steel mounting materials for fender: € 20.66
(EU citizens: € 25.00, incl. 21% VAT) [in shoppingcart]

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