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M5 Sandwichfairing (carbon front part + sirex foambody)

M5  Sandwichfairing (carbon front part + sirex foambody)

< 3 kg., 30% speed gain: € 1,239.67
(EU citizens: € 1,500.00, incl. 21% VAT) [in shoppingcart]


Front part of our record fairing (nr. 8) deliverable from stock

April 10th, 2004To the top
Front part of our record fairing (nr. 8) deliverable from stockThe front 30 percent of our record fairing, the number 8, is now available. It fits the newest rules of the international Cycle Vision event. Made of 100% carbon. Suitable for any recumbent type.

Front 30 percent M5 record fairing: € 371.90
(EU citizens: € 450.00, incl. 21% VAT) [in shoppingcart]


Carbon full fairing

May 1st, 2003To the top
Carbon full fairingThe carbon full fairing is a coproduction of Derk Thijs from Thys Rowingbikes (www.rowingbike.com) and Bram Moens from M5 Recumbents. The fairing has been finished in 1996 after investing some 600 hours of work. Inside the fairing a standard Cr-Mo M5 Low Racer is mounted, equipped with M5 carbon diskwheels (20 inch front, 28 inch rear).

The fairing itself is made of carbon and is strengthened with Dyneema® from DSM, an aramid-like tissue which is especially suitable for absorbing peak forces on small areas. When the fairing would get on it's side, this material will minimize the damage. The window is made from Lexan®, a polycarbonat.

The bike is not just a potential record machine, it's also user friendly designed. Thanks to foot hatches, starting and stopping without help from others is possible. During riding, the ventilation opening in the nose of the fairing can be tuned and there's even a toilet on board. These properties have contributed positively in establishing the first place at the non-stop race Trondheim-Oslo in 1997, also see the recordspage

Spectaculair is the developed speed at a certain power input: when pedalling on a racing bike in the 'dropped bar position', the speed is around 35 km/h. With the same effort in the M5 fairing the developed speed is approximately 76.5 km/h !!

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 262 x 48 x 62 cm
  • Weight fairing only: 6.5 kg
  • Weight complete bike: app. 19.5 kg
  • Cw 0,087
  • 20 inch / 28 inch M5 carbon diskwheels
  • 100 teeth blade front
  • Bike inside: standard Cro-Moly M5 Low Racer
  • Build in 1996
  • Ventilation in nose adjustable during riding.
  • Automatic opening foot hatches, starting and stopping without help
  • Toilet on board
  • Speed at 250 Watt: 76.5 km/uur (compare with: "upright"bike 29.5 km/h; racing bike "dropped bar position" 35 km/h)

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Carbon full fairingCarbon full fairing
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