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Available in three different configurations

M-RacerAn agile, highly manoeuvrable and comfortable bike with a shrewd geometry.

  • The ultimate in compact frame building, resulting in ultra rigid frame
  • Large wheels for lowest possible rolling resistance and maximum comfort
  • Lowest possible seat position in combination with large wheels: seat height 41 cm/16 inch
  • The wheel base measures 123 cm/48.5 inch for high precision handling
  • 3 times 2-point seat mountings for optimal seat-frame connection
  • Longer outer casings run through seperate thinwalled cr-mo tubes inside the main frame
  • M5 Recumbents' smartly-designed shape enables very compact stems compared to other brands. Keep your elbows in a highly aerodynamic "on-board" position!
  • Speed at 250 Watt of this machine in C-version is an incredible 48 km/h or 30 mph!
  • M5 collected in its 30 years of innovation no less than 18 world records, which is a record in itself.
  • Design, manufacturing and racing have always had the highest attention at M5, resulting the fastest bike but one*.

In short: M5, "the Optimal Challenge!"

  • The matted black M-Racer on the picture shows more space between seat and rear wheel, due to the mounting of a smaller size seat.
  • The standard Cr-Mo front forks have an aero shape and are specially manufactured for M5. Riders with an inner leg length of approximately 80 cm/31,5 inch can already use a 26 inch front wheel, without the wheel being able to interfere with the cranks. With the use of a 28" front wheel this will be approximately 85 cm/33,5 inch.
  • The "dormant blue" M-Racer on the picture has wheel sizes 26/28 inch (ETRTO 571/622). The weight with a carbon front fork and seat is limited to 12,4 kg. The standard version will be 1,8 kg extra.
  • Long cables run through the main frame through thin walled tubes.
  • Chain guider bolt is concealed in the frame.
  • The compact stainless steel flexpipers at the handle bar are, of course, standard features.

*) In case you're wondering: that would be the M5 Carbon High Racer!

Version A: 26: € 1,962.81
(EU citizens: € 2,375.00, incl. 21% VAT) [in shoppingcart]

Version B: 26: € 1,962.81
(EU citizens: € 2,375.00, incl. 21% VAT) [in shoppingcart]

Version C: 28: € 2,061.98
(EU citizens: € 2,495.00, incl. 21% VAT) [in shoppingcart]

Seat height41 cm (model A + B) 43 cm (model C)
Wielbase123 cm
Body lengthfrom 175 to 210 cm
Bracket height 24 cm above lowest point of seat
Weight from12.4 kg
Seat angle 17 degrees to 27 degrees
Stem anglefour different angles: 120, 127, 134 or 145 degrees
Handle barhigh bar
Parts105/Avid (model A), 105 or SRAM Rival (model B + C) or optionally Commandeurs SRAM Attack Twist Shifters 9.0
Frame & front forkChrome-Molybdenum (optionally carbon front fork, resulting in 450 grams of weight loss)
Coatingdouble metallic powder coating, matte black (model A), blue (model B +C)
Optionslightweight aluminium carrier (600 grams) with closed surface and integrated LED, high aero rims, etc.
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