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Crankset and bottom bracket (Not yet available!)

October 21st, 2006To the top
Crankset and bottom bracket (Not yet available!)Finally ready after eight months intensive designing, drawing, calculating, cutting and so on: the M5 super light crankset of 238 grammes!! And like our brakes: not only light, but also very stiff.

And we established another record: this aluminum crankset is by far the lightest in the world! It's 20% lighter than the current record holder, the THM Clavicula. But it's getting even better: this M5 crankset is also 10% stiffer than the mentioned crankset. Everything is tested according to the protocol as used in the German magazine "Tour" nr. 7 , july 2006, pages 30 till 33.
The product is fully manufactured from aluminum 7075-T6 with a hard anodised coating. The current testing copies are based om a 175 mm crank with a BCD of 110 mm.
The corresponding axle with cups and bearings is 120 grammes or 140 grammes (heavy duty). Also alu 7075-T6 and hard anodised.
Not yet available!
Crankset and bottom bracket (Not yet available!)Crankset and bottom bracket (Not yet available!)Crankset and bottom bracket (Not yet available!)
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