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Short art trip to south of Norway

July 6th, 2019To the top

It is time for our own cycling tour in the mountains...

M5 can only be reached by e-mail and (limited) by phone from September 21st up to October 3rd.

Jaap Bouman (77) with his M5 Carbon High Racer: succeeded all long distance brevets to start at the non-stop Paris-Brest-Paris tour of 1250 km

May 29th, 2019To the top
Jaap Bouman (77) with his M5 Carbon High Racer: succeeded all long distance brevets to start at the non-stop Paris-Brest-Paris tour of  1250 km
Jaap Bouman in front of M5 building and with his M5 Carbon High Racer which includes the Tail Bag 21
Coming August 2019 it's there again: the event that returns every four years in France where around 6000! ultra long distance bicyclists from all over the world are starting.Twelve and eight years ago Jaap also took part in this and finished within the time limit, but now the challenge is of course even bigger with these extra years. A big difference, apart from the age, is the bike that he rode compared to the one he uses now. In 2007 it was a full Cr-Mo steel M5 Shock Proof which weighed more then 18 kg despite to the large and rather heavy luggage compartment, now it is a fully lightweight M5 Carbon High Racer with a starting weight of just over 9 kg. The bike is further adapted for the ultra-long trips with the very light Carbon Tail Bag which just hits 600 grams. Lighter than a bag, but due to its shape, it ensures 12 heart beats less at the same speed: profit on long journeys! By choosing this bike, Jaap has increased his average speed by as much as 5-6 km. His cruising speed is still around 26 to 27 km ( 16 a 17 mph) per hour. Latest contribution to gain even more time is the implementation of the record breaking M5 2- Spoke wheel. No more worries for loose spokes as well. A second major difference with 12 years ago is the support he receives from his remote trainer Robert Carlier: also practising as long distance cyclist, M5 customer and currently working as a physiotherapist in Oslo. Following his training methods Jaap has progressed amazingly despite aging and loss of muscle mass due to his age. To finish Paris-Brest-Paris successfully, participants must be returned within 90 hours.We will keep you informed, but just achieving the qualification is of course an achievement in itself with this age.

Multiple Paralympic- and World Champion Jetze Plat crushed the former worldhourrecord for handbiking with almost 3 km to an astonishing 44.749 km

March 17th, 2019To the top

Happy the 2-SPOKE wheels could contribute to this...

Multiple Paralympic- and World Champion Jetze Plat crushed the former worldhourrecord for handbiking with almost 3 km to an astonishing 44.749 kmIn the velodrome of Alkmaar, no fewer than 400 people cheered Jetze Plat in a really flat race crushing the existing record by almost 3 km ... Almost 180 laps were driven in the hour with a lapse of 0.1 second maximum. This is really unprecedented, even for a top athlete. His output was around 250 watts. Knowing this we can state that Jetze, with his arms only, overrules about 90% of the population who use LEG POWER instead...

Jetze Plat goes for a new World hourrecord in handbiking using the 2-Spoke wheels

March 12th, 2019To the top

Location: Velodrome Alkmaar, the Netherlands

Jetze Plat goes for a new World hourrecord in handbiking using the 2-Spoke wheels
Jetze during training in Alkmaar, image Bert Willems
On Wednesday the 13 th of March professional athlete Jetze Plat will make a record attempt to improve the world hour hand biking record. Currently this is a very respectable marathon distance of 42,165 km, but Jetze clearly wants much more ...
In addition to his unprecedented talent and ability, three 2-Spoke wheels will certainly help him to improve this. Also for the hand-bike configuration, these 2-Spoke wheels were faster than the so-called full disk wheels. In the meantime it is clear that more and more people realise that a completely closed wheel is definitely no longer the fastest possible wheel, certainly not in an outdoor situation but even indoors on windless tracks! See also the latest independent test report from Aero Pro on:

www.2-spoke.com >>


Vertical M5 Carbon High Racer

December 18th, 2018To the top
Vertical M5 Carbon High Racer Klaus Wilting is the proud owner of this new Ferrari Red M5 Carbon High Racer with a Tail Bag 21. He was able to get his bike fairly easy with him in Dutch and German trains all the way to Berlin.

Mid winter stop M5 showroom

December 18th, 2018To the top
Mid winter stop M5 showroomUp to January the 31st the M5 showroom will be closed. Telephone and e-mails are in function during this period excluded the national holidays

Bram's private Viking Tour

August 8th, 2018To the top

Bram makes a multi day trip

Bram's private Viking TourThe 800 km trip Bram is currently making takes him all the way from Molde to Kragerø, Norway. The red markers indicate the overnight stays.

See a detailed map here!

Stijn van de Maele (B) again WORLD Champion on M5 Carbon High Racer

July 21st, 2018To the top

and Marvin Tunnat (also M5 CHR) from Germany second during World Championships in England last week.

Stijn van de Maele (B) again WORLD Champion on M5 Carbon High Racer
Stijn van de Maele (Belgium) on the lead with Marvin Tunnat (Germany) HANDSFREE! second.
The World Championships were held this year in Deal, England, on the Betteshanger Park circuit with more than 100 entries from many different countries. The following competition parts were on the program:

  • sprint 100 meters with flying start
  • time trial 2.1 km standing start
  • criterium 15 minutes
  • criterium 1 hour
  • criterium 3 hours

With the non streamlined bikes the battle was between Marvin Tunnat (D) and Stijn van de Maele (B)
Stijn won the Friday the 13th sprint competition, with 67.5 km / h !! according to the GPS, with Marvin as second.
Then on Saturday, Marvin was the fastest on the time trial and the one hour criterion, with Stijn becoming second each time.
So everything was decided on the last day, where Stijn had to win at least twice to win the final victory.
In the 15-minute criterium Stijn was able to place a demarrage at the start of the last round and secure himself from the first place.
The 3 hour race was also decided in the sprint: at the start of the last corner Stijn was still in the wheel of Marvin and started at 400m from the finish with his sprint. It remained very exciting but with a narrow victory Stijn could assure himself to win this stage and the general classification.

RESULT: Place 1 and 2 for an M5 Carbon High Racer!

By the way; This is the same bike that Stijn uses to cycle with his family to his granny on Sundays !! (only different wheel-set).

With the semi-streamlined bikes the world title went to Hanss Stresius (DE) on an M5 Carbon Low Racer so the M5 party was complete again. Tribute to all riders for their efforts !!!

M5 showroom during summer vacation

July 7th, 2018To the top
M5 showroom during summer vacation
After 4 years climbing the Dalsnibba mountain again in Norway. A steep trip which starts in Geiranger at sea level and brings one to 1576 meter a.s.l. with a lot of hairpins! On top one is rewarded with sunshine all over...
Until August the 18 th, the M5 showroom is closed. In this time we will improve our physical condition by cycling in Norway. E-mails are answered although with some understandable delay!

Translation of BNR News Radio item

December 24th, 2017To the top

M5 2-SPOKE wheel on BNR News Radio

Translation of BNR News Radio itemIs this the clap skate of road racing?

by Marjan van den Berg
23 December 2017

A bicycle wheel with two spokes: an innovation by which Dutch inventor Bram Moens wants to conquer the world of cycle racing. This doesn't happen without effort, but BNR spoke with a racer who, since using the wheels, has increased his speed so dramatically that he's completely convinced.

A wheel with two spokes? "the idea is already thirty years old", says inventor of the wheel Bram Moens. "The fewer spokes, the better. Eddy Merckx already said it: every spoke is a brake. So it's best to have the least possible number of them. Nowadays this is technically possible, because there are now fantastic carbon fibres to make these products."

Moens calls the two spokes "wing profiles". "When they were ready and we tested them, it showed that the two profiles generate a lower air pressure in the plane of the wheel, meaning it takes less effort to cut through the air. So, less energy and higher speed."

The 45 year old Remco Grasman is a so called elite racer without contract and the best time trial rider in our country; in the category 45 plus he even became world champion. The uses the Moens two spoke wheels and says he has become much faster on his bike. "A first race conformed it immediately", Grasman says. "It was a short time trial of 7 kilometres. I cut 12 seconds of my personal record. That's a lot on 7 kilometres." He didn't believe immediately that it was because of the wheels. "I thought, well, it's a coincidence. The second race I also won with superior numbers (...). So I increasingly attributed it to the wheels.

Clap skate

Still it takes Moens effort to sell his innovation. "We saw the same thing with the clap skate. It was introduced in 1994", he says. "In the beginning people chuckled a bit about them too, but four years later everybody in Nagano used them. And everyone was riding new world records."

Click here for the full story in Dutch, including sound clips of the interview with Bram.

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