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M5 brakes in top of test in German bike magazin `TOUR`

April 16th, 2012To the top
M5 brakes in top of test in German bike magazin `TOUR`In a simultaneous test of a total of eight different brakesets in the higher price range, the M5 brakeset came out as one of the best. Especially when looking to price/quality.
Particularly the enormous brakingforce and the flawless finish were mentioned.

Download de test or click on the picture.

Always a decent businesscard within reach!

March 16th, 2012To the top

QR, braille and standard text

Always a decent businesscard within reach!Soon available in three complete different "languages": M5 shirts with very remarkable logo's.
The first one tries to meet the demands of the irresistible digital appetite of the smartphone users through the QR logo. The second one shows M5 in braille with the standard M5 logo on the reverse side.

These unique shirts are available in different sizes and colors and works with a hidden zipper which runs towards the two front pockets.

If you are interested in these items then inform us with sizing and color so we can ship them as soon as they are finished.

Shirt A: QR + braille logo + M5 logo, color black
Shirt B: braille logo + M5 logo, color blue

Price of this very cool shirt is 58 Euro (excl.VAT and shipping, this price for non EC residents only)
EC residents: 69 Euro excl. shipping

Recumbent tandem more & more popular

December 19th, 2011To the top

Ewen and Tie on their M5 tandem plus trailer

Recumbent tandem more & more popularWe had a great trip from Lyon to Marseille, passing through Cevennes Mountains.

+ Ascension 10 000 m
900 kms of pleasure.
Maximum speed 71km/h (44 mph)

We plan a new trip to the north of Norway or Island next summer...

As Ewen and Tien stated
Recumbent tandem more & more popular

Rediscovering cycling by means of the M-Racer recumbent door Michel v. Pluijm

December 6th, 2011To the top
Rediscovering cycling by means of the M-Racer recumbentI would like to share my first recumbent experiences with you. For inspiration, information and to share this happiness with people who want to do the same. 25 years ago I also had fun riding the bike along pretty long distances. Recently I decided to make that same bike roadworthy again, this time for commuting. 15 km one way, with the feeling of past times in my head, I started enthusiastically. In a little more than half an hour I was there. What a great feeling to arrive on your bicycle! However, it was quite an exercise and at 20 degrees centigrade there was certainly sweating. And by the way: also pain in my neck. You just forget about these things. So, I wanted speed, without sweating.
To preserve the experience of cycling I first considered a fully faired racing trike! But after many evenings of googling, talking to people and getting information at shops I ended up at M5. The M-Racer with two 28 inch wheels suited my wishes best: speed at straight parts, with minimum effort.
Although I wanted to make a decision after the winter, I thought it was okay to make a test ride. After riding around Middelburg and neighbourhood for an afternoon everything became clear. I waited for three more weeks but then I ordered a Cr-Mo M-Racer!

Obviously you collect a bike by going there by bike. So I invited two friends with ordinary racing bikes to accompany me on the 150 km ride home. We like a challenge. During the trip the advantages of my racer became apparent. The recumbent position on the bike was something I immediately liked a lot. Comfortable, for the whole 150 km! Lovely. Even with the problems you encounter as a beginner I already had much more speed than my poor friends. I could hardly believe it. A feeling of control wasn't there immediately, but by now I have commuted for a week to work and I dare to corner square angled bike paths while lying down. The more you ride it, the more you relax, enjoy the ride and develop speed. I still have doubts on the claim that it only rains 7% of the time if you ride daily, but up till now I can only observe that it is correct! And an extra set of dry cloths at work solves that problem too. Didn't need them up till now.

I rediscovered cycling, thanks to my new machine.

translation by D. Siepman

M5 interviewd by IEEE Spectrum, the magazine of technology insiders

December 5th, 2011To the top

Specially from New York : 2 journalists making an interview about "the fastest/or most energy-efficiënt bike on this planet" en thats still the M5 Carbon High Racer.....

M5 interviewd by IEEE Spectrum, the magazine of technology insidersWith more then 400.000 subscribers, with most of them working in the engineering scene, we felt quite honored to be elected for a an interview.So soon coming on this site and on the IEEE site: the interview with M5 about all the ins and outs of M5.

spectrum.ieee.org/ >>


New demountable rear carriers almost finished!

November 25th, 2011To the top
New demountable rear carriers almost finished!The new aluminium carriers are nearly finished! Currently, the brand new and demountable racks are
glass bead blasting and anodised.
The carrier consists of an upper plate (which also serves as a fender) with laser-cut holes for click-on bags. A solid aluminium
round end piece connects the carrier plate and both carrier stems by means of M10 fine thread
connections. The base of the aluminum legs are flat oval pressed for an optimal contact with the
frame. The carrier plate and the stems are glass bead blasting prior to the anodizing. The twisted / milled adapter is gloss anodized.
New demountable rear carriers almost finished!

Closing day in november

November 14th, 2011To the top
Due to a course the M5 shop will be closed on november 29.

Yet another nice image from the 14000 km/8700 miles M5 Tandem trip from Reims, France to Beijing, China

November 6th, 2011 
Yet another nice image from the 14000 km/8700 miles M5 Tandem trip from Reims, France to Beijing, China

Short visit to Apeldoorn ...

November 2nd, 2011To the top

Moekkôkèn's maiden race

Short visit to Apeldoorn ...
Photo above: A.v.d.Lee

Photo below: W. Schermer
During one hour record attempts at Omnisport in Apeldoorn, the brand new carbon bike Moekkôkèn (Dutch dialect for "Want to have one too") was first ridden by builder and rider Bram Moens from M5.

Conclusion: The bike is incredibly efficient (read: "fast"), but the propulsion was not working at maximum power output... In itself that's not surprising given the short run-up period. Barely five weeks ago Bram decided to establish a dual purpose: a) The fastest possible bike, based on a two-year old drawing. b) Start training for the first time in five years.

Concerning part b: let's plan a second chance during spring 2012. Gives a bit more time for a more extensive training programme.After all Bram is only 55...

Short movie of A.v.d.Lee is shown here:

www.youtube.com/watch?v=43ASt9Ge6nY >>

Short visit to Apeldoorn ...Short visit to Apeldoorn ...

A highly remarkable project

September 2nd, 2011To the top

14000 km or 8700 miles on a M5 recumbent tandem from Reims (Fr) to Beijing

A highly remarkable projectHere you can read everything about this unique project from Anne Salaun & Benjamin Stoll! www.biketoschool.fr
A highly remarkable project
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